About TYVESS ​

The sole intention of TYVESS Business Center Is to give our customers a stress-free, undisturbed space to focus on their work. Whether you are a seasoned professional, an entrepreneur, or CEO of a new start-up, you can find peace in the workspace provided by TYVESS, allowing you to focus on your work and thrive to achieve your career goals.

We provide ample space so that every customer can work comfortably. Each room is equipped with functional and stylish furniture and a large area desktop, giving you more freedom and capacity to perform at your best. The lounge area provides sofas, lounge chairs, refrigerator, Filtered water dispenser, coffee machine, and most importantly, nice relaxing music to inspire new ideas. TYVESS utilizes an industrial style design and decor which allow for the higher ceilings to encourage spaciousnesses to unwind. Combine with an unique art gallery, the perfect fusion of proper decor and industrial design will give you inspiration and motivation you seek to move forward.